PBA | About Prasad Bidapa
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About Prasad Bidapa

With 40 years of experience, Prasad Bidapa is undoubtedly one of the most iconic fashion gurus of India. He has been revolutionizing the fashion industry by curating various high-profile events like the India Men’s Fashion Week, Colombo Fashion Week, Kingfisher Fashion Awards and Mega Model hunt to name a few. He has done exceptionally well on putting India and its talent on the map.

He started his fashion journey at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. Today, he is on the board of several prestigious fashion design institutes across the country and is regarded as one of the biggest influencers in the Indian fashion industry by several noted publications.

When asked how he has managed to be so successful he says,

I am someone who has seen the industry since its very inception. We were handling and managing events even before the term was coined. I believe in Brand India and at PBA, we have worked towards giving Indian talent the recognition it deserves.

Prasad is currently committed to the cause of reviving the traditional textiles of India and plans to create Heritage Weeks all over the country. PBA is extremely proud to have associated with and aims to celebrate the country’s intellectual property in the field of textile and fashion.

So what does the future hold for Prasad Bidapa?

He dreams to make PBA the official spokesperson for the heritage arts in India – to create a viewpoint which celebrates ethnic history and tradition. Prasad has closely associated himself in the adoption of various handloom industries within the country and brands and markets the value of handmade projects extensively within India and aims to reach global platforms.

With their headquarters in Bangalore, Prasad also believes in Brand Bangalore! Over the years, the city has emerged into a fashion capital with a variety of brands, exporters and fresh talent that have already worked with us. With so much to offer, we have conducted more than just fashion events. In the years to come, PBA will venture into more segments and host events for various industries and grow its dynamic portfolio.